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We stock a huge variety of shapes and sizes of candle blanks. We also have a dipping tank and can overdip most of these candles in a choice of over thirty colours, if required Click here to view colours. For advice on the use of candles, Click here to view guidelines.

Dinner Candles
22mm (7/8") diameter standard dinner candles, tapered or straight, in a variety of heights.
Church Pillar Candles
An extensive range of church pillar candles with a shaped top in metric sizes and many colours.
Church Altar Candles
A range of traditional ivory church candles made in Imperial sizes using paraffin wax and beeswax.
Ball Candles
Nine sizes of ball candle.
Drippy Candles
Candles that still look good even after they've been burned!
Egg Candles
Three sizes of egg candle.
Floating Candles
Floating candles in a variety of shapes and sizes, fragranced or unfragranced.
Forever Funds Charity Candles
A beautiful range of candles sold in aid of Meningitis UK.
Frosted Candles
The finest frosted candles - handmade in the U.K.
Multiwick Candles
Two ranges of three-wick candles.
Personalised Candles
The perfect gift for a special occasion.
Pillar Candles
An extensive range of pillar candles with a flat top in metric sizes and many colours.
Square Candles
A range of square candles in a variety of widths and heights.
Wedding Candles
A range of beautiful, very high quality Unity candles for weddings.
Christmas Candles
Candles designed especially for the festive season.
Candle Accessories
Candle extinguishers (snuffers) and sharpeners.